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Ice Hockey champinship 2022 Ryga


Part of the world hockey championship event

Avesco Rent “Power” was proud to be a part of the world hockey championship event, where we provided a wide range of energy solutions. Our team, which specialized in the implementation of electrical systems, worked on the project to supply electricity, lighting, cooling, heating, and ventilation services for the event.

We are pleased to report that we successfully completed the installation work, laying more than 5 kilometers of power cables and installing over 2,500 kilowatts of electrical generators. These generators were able to produce electricity on-site and send it to the arena and other equipment was used to cool the arena and create ice. We used a unique system called twin sets, which consisted of two generators working together to fully support each other’s power in case of any failures or outages.

In total, we had several thousand kilowatts of electricity ready for use, all of which could be increased with the addition of electrical generators that arrived in the next stage. We were proud to be able to provide our solutions, including electrical generators, cables, distribution boxes, and installation and on-site monitoring services, for this world-class event. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a prestigious event and we are grateful for the opportunity to deliver top-quality energy solutions to our clients.We are excited to have the opportunity to continue working on important projects like this in the future