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Modular construction solutions

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From single containers to customized solutions, the experience of our employees will allow you to bring your projects to success. By offering first-rate services, we take care of every technical aspect and direct you to the best option. Thanks to our network of partners and agencies, you will always find the right solution.

Our Advantages

Our mission is to support you in achieving your goals by providing you with the most suitable solutions to your challenges. Each project you entrust to us is unique, as are the infrastructures we create for you.

We support you in the design, preparation and turnkey installation of infrastructures perfectly suited to your needs.


Do you need containers for a limited period? Whether it is a long or short-term rental, we will always find the best option for you.


We support you in the design, preparation and turnkey installation of infrastructures suited to your needs.


From Avesco Rent we offer you the possibility to buy used or new containers.


We offer Buy Back and Installment Purchase financing solutions.

Public works

Whether you work for a canton, a municipality or an administration, the Modular Construction team is used to working with public institutions. Whether you need a temporary school or exam rooms, we offer you the solutions that best suit your needs.

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For construction professionals, we offer accommodation for your employees. The housing base can be set up and delivered directly on site. Do you need mobile toilets? The mobile construction team will be able to advise you and find solutions to your needs.

Modular construction


We receive more and more requests for industrial projects. Whether it is to satisfy a temporary need or to integrate it into the industrial process, we have 100% customizable containers that are perfectly suited to the needs of industries.

Industrial sector


Do you organize events? Avesco Rent collaborates with all types of festivals. From parties to major sporting events, Avesco Rent customizes and assembles your containers according to your needs.

Events industry


Each project is important, even for individuals. Whether for rent or for sale, contact us for the best rates.

Private Sector

Our Projects

The Alpine Pass

The Oftringen team successfully rented their machines to Implenia, a construction and civil engineering company, for a project in the Alps pass. The goal was to provide a sufficient amount of equipment as quickly as possible, within a specific timeframe from spring to autumn with minimal rainy days. The team was able to meet the challenge and satisfy the customer with their promptness.

Temporary school in Ennetbaden

Avesco Rent was commissioned to coordinate and supply containers for the construction of a temporary school in Ennetbaden. This facility will provide space for 144 students and will be used for two years. This development project has three floors, each consisting of two classrooms, a common room, a bathroom and a small warehouse. The three floors are connected by an internal staircase and are covered by a roof terrace. Access to the property is via stairs, but there will also be a ramp that will allow easy access for wheelchair users. Students are looking forward to having their new school in early spring.