Kaunas - Asphalt Compactors
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When you have layers that need to be perfectly even (like asphalt roads), you need a perfect roller. 

And we have just the right one from Caterpillar ®

  • Intuitive control system makes it easy to drive 
  • Narrow chassis guarantees high visibility 
  • Fuel-efficient motor optimizes the costs of exploitation 

Moreover, it guarantees comfort for the driver (spacious place for legs). No matter which field you are working in, you need to feel comfortable to make the work easy!

These items are available at our rental location!

* The basic rent price does not include transportation costs, ADDITIONAL insurance (BASIC insurance included), wear-and-tear of the rented item (if indicated in its description), as well as (if applicable) the deposit for gas cylinders, consumables (like fuel) and cleaning. All of these additional services can be chosen on top. The price in the event of lack of fuel on return of the machine will be invoiced at EUR 1.80 plus VAT/1 l diesel (unless prepaid FUEL has been chosen), the cleaning prices vary according to the machine size category ( 40 eur (+VAT) for Small machines, 80 eur (+VAT) for Medium machines, 160 eur (+VAT) for Large sized machines), unless prepaid CLEANING has been chosen. The rent price for a day shall be calculated for 8 business hours. There is no compensation in the event of less hours used.

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